Elizabeth Byrd Scrapbook Pages 38-55

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Elizabeth Byrd Scrapbook Pages 38-55
Group 3


Florida State College for Women


Middle section of Elizabeth Byrd Taylor's scrapbook of her memories and experiences of being involved at Florida State University in Kappa Delta Sorority.


Taylor, Elizabeth Byrd




Heritage Protocol, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida.


circa 1922-1926


Heritage Protocol & University Archives, Florida State University Libraries, Tallahassee, Florida.


This scrapbook is the property of Florida State University. Its use is governed by U.S. and international copyright laws. To obtain a high-resolution copy of this image for a fee, please contact Florida State University Heritage Protocol.


Elizabeth Byrd Taylor Scrapbook, circa 1922-1926.


black and white photographs
physical objects




still images
physical objects


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Tallahassee, Florida
St. Theresa Beach, Florida
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Collection Items

Woman in Costume, pg 38
Photographs of Elizabeth Byrd in her performance costumes.

A Weekend in Miccosukee, pg 39
Personal photos of Elizabeth Byrd's visit to Miccosukee.

A Visit to St. Theresa, pg 40
Personal photos of Elizabeth Byrd's trip to St. Theresa Beach with friends.

Edith, Fannie, Emilie, and Bessie Blackburn, pg 41
Personal photos of Elizabeth Byrd's acquaintances.

Harvard Class Day, pg 42
Harvard class day ticket stubs, cabin meal ticket, Boston Navy Yard ticket, photographs of women by the water, photographs of a generation of people gathered around a porch.

Travels to Plymouth Rock and Stone Mountain, pg 43
Photographs of women gathered in front of Stone Mountain in Georgia and Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

Pirate Party, pg 44
This page of the Elizabeth Byrd's scrapbook is a documentation of the "Pirate Party" hosted by the women in the Kappa Delta Sorority. Collection of a news article about an entertaining night and the guests who partook, a lock of hair, an envelopeā€¦

Kappa Delta Pledges, pg 45
Documentation of the announcement of pledges to the Kappa Delta Sorority.

Junior Dance, pg 46
Cut-outs of figures in dress in celebration of the Junior Dance that year.

Sophomore Day, pg 47
A page full of newspaper clippings detailing the events of Sophomore Day at FSCW, presumably during Byrd's sophomore year. A pirate cap is pasted in the middle, as is a pirate themed booklet.
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