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page 69.jpg
Page 69 from the scrapbook of Laura Quayle Benson, who attended the Florida State College for Women ca. 1917-1919. Three separate cutouts make their way onto this page 69. One of the cutouts is a letter written in cursive, however the addresser an…

page 68.jpg
Page 68 from the scrapbook of Laura Quayle Benson, who attended the Florida State College for Women ca. 1917-1919. This page holds a cutout from a newspaper including several poems, each digressing into different subjects. These subjects include…

This program lists the order in which performances will take place during the Florida State College for Women's Banquet. The program is affixed to the page on top of a handmade frame that appears to have pink roses drawn on it in order to represent…

services 1.pdf
This program details the sequence of events for Florida State College For Women's baccalaureate service. On the top of the pamphlet is the handwritten insertion "Sylvia's Graduation" meaning that Cooper most likely received this program while…

Telegram 1.pdf
This item is a telegram sent to Jewell Cooper by someone named Nola. This message was sent to Cooper who was living in Reynolds Hall at the Florida State College for Women in Tallahassee Florida, from Miami Florida. The message simply reads "We are…

Personal photograph of Grace Imogene Fox and Mary Jayne Martin-Vegue. Grace I. Fox earned her A.B. in Education from Florida State College for Women in 1928, eventually earning her Ph. D. in Education from Indiana University. Mary Jayne Martin-Vegue…

Personal photographs of Florida State College for Women student Jewell Genevieve Cooper (BS, Commerce, 1928). These photographs are a part of the Jewell Genevieve Cooper Scrapbook, circa 1924-1930.

Emory University Glee Club Program 1924-1925.pdf
Personal image of a program from The Georgia Tech Glee Club musical revue.

Personal program booklet from the Emory Glee Club's show entitled, “From Way Down South in Dixie”. This program belonged to

Pablo Casals.jpg
A photograph of Pablo Casals, who was a musical performer. Casals was an honorary member of the Epsilon Iota Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia music fraternity at Florida State University in 1963.
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